Lastfartyget S/S Rimfaxe (nr 133, 1921)

11 personer omkom den 27 april 1941 när Rimfaxe torpederades och sjönk:

Rimfakes SS. Built by Kockums mek. Verkstads A/B, Malmö, Sweden, delivered in March-1921 as Rimfakse to D/S A/S Ringhorn (Albert Schjelderup), Bergen. 235.5′ x 37,7′ x 16,5′, Triple exp. (Kockum), 160 nhp.

Rimfaxe left Blyth on April 20th 1941 with a cargo of 1900 tons coal for Patricksfjord, Iceland, sailing in convoy to Loch Ewe, then departed alone on April 25th 1941. At 01:50 on the 27:th shw was struck in the after part of No.

2 hatch, port side, by a torpedo from U-147, Capt. Eberhard Wetjen had just taken over the command that month, previously commanded by Reinhard Hardegen, position 60 10N 08 54W (about 130 n. miles northwest of Scotland).

From Bjorn Mildo’s postcard collection.

Snabba fakta

  • Nr: 133
  • Art: s.s
  • Namn: Rimfaxe
  • Typ: Lastfart
  • Dw ton/Depl ton: 2220 dw
  • Levererad 1921
  • Effekt Hk/MW 720
  • Beställare: Alb. Schalderup, Bergen