Etikettarkiv: 1882


Lastfartyget S/S Ceres (nr 36, 1882)

En artikel från webben om Ceres torpedering 1917:

On July 13th, 1917, the Danish steamer SS Ceres, on a voyage from Fleetwood to Reykjavik with a cargo of salt, was sunk by the German submarine U-88 (Walther Schwieger), 180 miles NW of Inistrahull. 2 persons were killed.

Torpedoed and sunk by U-88, on route from Fleetwood for Reykjavik with salt. Two of her crew were lost.

Snabba fakta

  • Nr: 36
  • Art: s.s
  • Namn: Ceres
  • Typ: Lastfart
  • Dw ton/Depl ton: 867 dw
  • Levererad 1882
  • Effekt Hk/MW 1000
  • Beställare: Sydsvenska Ångfartyg AB, Malmö

Lastfartyget S/S Oslo (nr 32, 1882)

Från en polsk internetsida:

Norwegian steamers, that entered the ports of Stettin and Danzig, 1894-1900 (in order of the year of Construction)

  • Name of ship: Oslo
  • Captain: Wettergren E.
  • Material: zelazo
  • NRT: 1240
  • Year of the construction: 1882
  • Place of the construction: Malmö
  • Shipyard: Kockums Mek. Vst AB
  • The ship owner: Xania DS – Fearnley & Eger
  • The home port: Chrystiania

Snabba fakta

  • Nr: 32
  • Art: s.s
  • Namn: Oslo
  • Typ: Lastfart
  • Dw ton/Depl ton: 1132 dw
  • Levererad 1882
  • Effekt Hk/MW 100
  • Beställare: Kristiania D/S, Kristiania

Lastfartyget S/S Hekla (nr 28, 1882)

Thingvalla Line steamship departing with emigrants from Larsens Plads, Copenhagen 1882. The Hekla was named after the well known mount Hekla at Island. The mountain has had an Active volcano for centuries. She had a straight stem, one funnel, Three masts, iron Construction.

There was a single screw and she had a service speed of 11 knots. She had passenger accomodation for 12 first class, 16 second class and 600 third class (steerage) passengers. On Feb 13, 1883, she departed Copenhagen for New York. She called at Christiania on the 14th. This was to be the seventh and last time she sailed for Christiansand and New Yrok. On the 15th she stranded at Sydostgrunnen of Sandefjord in Vestfold. After being afloat for abobut 2 Days she sank on the 17th, much of her cargo, all passengers and crew were rescued.

Snabba fakta

  • Nr: 28
  • Art: s.s
  • Namn: Hekla
  • Typ: Lastfart Dw ton/Depl ton: 2740 dw
  • Levererad 1882
  • Effekt Hk/MW 2500
  • Beställare: Det Forenede D/S, Thingvalla, Köbenhavn