Tankfartyget T/T Sea Saint (nr 546, 1974)


Snabba fakta

  • Nr: 546
  • Art: t.t
  • Namn: Sea Saint
  • Typ: Tankfartyg
  • Dw ton/Depl ton: 356400 dw*
  • Kölsträckt Start Docka: 15.3 1974
  • Sjösatt Utdockad 12.10 1974
  • Levererad 29.11 1974
  • Fart Knop 15,5
  • Effekt Hk/MW 40000
  • Beställare: Salén Rederi AB, Stockholm

Fler bilder:

En tanke kring ”Tankfartyget T/T Sea Saint (nr 546, 1974)

  1. Beta Borges


    My name is Beta Borges and I work for Agência [selu.], We are located in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil. I would like to start this email saying thank you very much for your availability in accessing us! We are producing a documentary telling the story of the Sea Saint, which was built in 1974 by Kockums Mekaniska Verkstads AB., Malmö, Sweden, a company that was sold to Saab. At the moment we are looking for images of this historical event, where the Sea Saint was built and when he made his first trips on the high seas. The documentary will be screened internally and possibly be used by government agencies and other companies in the Oil, Gas and Energy segment and Environmental NGOs. We are looking for high resolution images for our documentary. Do you have these images in high resolution, some record of this powerful moment ? Would it be possible to have access to them? We have very little time to recover the images, only 4 days and any help will be welcome!

    We thank you for your attention and we count on your help to write such a great and special story.

    Attached are two files that we have at the moment as a demonstration of what we need.

    Thank you!

    Beta Borges
    55 + 21.96561-2961


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